Majestic Molladalen

This is the place. The place to think. The place to find calmness, to relax, to climb, to stay overnight in a tent, to have lunch, to appreciate life and much more. Right in between some of Sunnmøre’s mightiest shards of mountain in the alps.

Molladalen is a small valley, a melting pot of glacial water, located in Ørsta municipality in southern Møre & Romsdal (Sunnmøre).  It is located at 774 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by peaks at up to 1419 meters like Jønshornet (Ramoen). The hike is fairly easy, apart from some steep parts that may be covered in snow until summer has properly set in. Slight climb needed, but worth it all the way. The view on the way up is not so bad either as you see below.


My dad took this photo of me fighting the only tricky part. There is a permanent chain attached to the rocks and it is perfectly fine to pass even if some of us had a little bit of a fear of heights three years ago. Just saying.


The payoff for the hike & climb is this beautiful lake with the surrounding peaks.


Trollsk – a lot of our nature is described as troll-like, mystical and mythical from our fairy tales about trolls. This usually goes for crooked pine forests and mossy landscapes, but these sharp tines dwelling in the fog also has that aesthetic to them.


Then the crystal clear little lake. What a perfect day out for us photogeeks.


Molladalen is a very popular spot for mountain climbers, sunday hikers (that is a thing here) and campers, but you may go there without meeting many people on rainy days like this. Finding this amazing nature demands that you get out of the car and move outside of your comfort, so get out there and take a hike!

Practical details:
Location: 6174 Barstadvik, Ørsta, Møre & Romsdal
Time: 3-5 hours
Trip length: 7 km
Terrain: wet, muddy & rocky
Level: Easy – Medium

Cloudy days can be the very best if you make them so.
– Sunni




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