Wander with me!

Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog! First up, why is it in English? Well, other than the fact I have close friends in Wales and England and lived there myself for some time I feel like I should share my trips with an international audience. Both to inspire and maybe guide someone to discover their own territory – or the Norwegian landscape. Anyway this will serve as a nice way to share my experiences of my trips.

Oh and by the way my name is Sunniva and I am a young lady with a restless body and mind. I love to be outside, just to unwind from “indoor”- or “digital”-life and also to exercise and stay in touch with nature. Becoming an outdoorsy kind of person has helped me a lot, and maybe I can help someone else too by sharing my thoughts. Other than that, I’ve done digital photography since I was 13, I now have a bachelors degree from university as a mediaproducer and hope to combine my passion for storytelling and outdoor-life one day.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or just general banter, in both NORSK (or scandi) or english, as those are the only languages I know this far. Trips will be posted in no logical order whatsoever, but I try to keep it fresh and it will always be real and honest.


– Sunni


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